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Kopren - Distribution

Building a successful business system involves continuous investment in the improvement of our distribution network, human resources, and information systems. At the beginning of operations, sales activities were focused on a large number of small customers, mostly more or less specialised retail stores, car maintenance, and wash service facilities. Over time, distribution was increasingly directed towards meeting the needs of large customers: wholesale of automobile parts and cosmetics; supermarkets; hypermarkets; and chains of petrol stations.

In order to win and maintain our leadership position on the market, it is necessary to ensure the trust of customers, primarily based on the continuous supply of a wide range of products and required quantities of goods.

Kopren d.o.o. provides its clients with supplies from the central warehouse in Novi Sad and fast delivery of goods on the whole territory of Serbia, from a range of over 400 attractive items that are always available in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of end customers and the current seasonal demand.

In order to improve distribution, in 2012 we established cooperation with one of the largest logistics companies, City Express d.o.o., whose central warehouse is based in Belgrade, and which ensures delivery on the whole territory of Serbia within 48 hours.

This way, we have ensured and maintained our leadership position on a market that is increasing in size and becoming more demanding day by day.

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