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Kopren - About US

Kopren d.o.o. was created as a realisation of the idea of a trade company that would, at one place, perform the distribution of all products for the maintenance, improvement of aesthetic appearance, and performance of cars. The beginnings were modest, but persistence directed towards the achievement of realistically set goals has proved to be worthwhile.

The company was founded on 20 November 1995, and it has been slowly building its market position since then. The basic activity of the company is the import and distribution of world famous brands in the field of car cosmetics, additives, and air fresheners. We are proud of our long and successful cooperation with foreign partners, SONAX from Germany, WUNDER-BAUM® from Switzerland, ST CORPORATION from Japan, HIDRA QUEST from South Africa, and BM CHEMICAL from Italy.

Our suppliers have been carefully selected primarily because of the unequalled quality of their products, reputation among a very strict global clientele, recognition, and prestige of brand. Collaboration with the suppliers is direct, and Kopren d.o.o. is importer and exclusive and authorised distributor for all products.

As all foreign partners are leaders in their fields, not only in the application of new technologies, but also in the application of marketing ideas and strategies, the system of operations in Kopren d.o.o. was over time built in such a way as to ensure our leadership position on the domestic market, by offering technologically advanced products of superior quality, in accordance with the standards of preserving human health and the environment, with superior visual identity at point of sale.

Kopren has now grown into a major exporting company, by professionally performing distribution of MY SHALDAN fresheners in fourteen countries in Europe, with the help of our Export-Import Department. In December 2007, our firm has been granted official authorised regional distributorship for:
Serbia; Hungary; Romania; Croatia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Macedonia; Bulgaria; Poland; Czech Republic; Slovakia; Belarus; Austria; Germany; and Moldova.

The solution that will lead directly to success, as a complete service from a single source, under one name, under one leadership. Kopren d.o.o. is a bridge between Japan and Europe.
Kopren d.o.o , Novi Sad
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