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Kopren - Selling

Cooperation with the customers involves much more than just the delivery of goods. In line with the growing needs of the market, Kopren d.o.o. pays daily attention to the improvement and expansion of its product range with a certain number of items. First of all, it should be noted that each product is delivered in attractively designed, original, and safe packaging with a manual in Serbian. The delivery of goods is accompanied by delivery of a certain amount of free material for displaying goods and promotional materials, and our staff helps the customers achieve the maximum effect by taking advantage of the visual identity of the product at point of sale, devising and coordinating promotional activities, and other activities in order to increase sales.

Our team of skilled and experienced professionals is fully devoted to orders, needs, and the requirements of the customers, and takes care that deliveries are completed as quickly as possible throughout the territory of our country under the most favourable conditions.

Therefore, by increasing the number of delivery vehicles and cooperation with successful logistics companies, broader product range and greater storage capacity, Kopren d.o.o. confirms its leadership market position in the field of sales and distribution of car cosmetics.

Kopren d.o.o , Novi Sad
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